USPSA Steel Challenge (SCSA)


William (Bill) Bond
Phone: 843-872-2494
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Mario Accardo
Phone: 215-531-3250
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Steel Challenge General Info


*We shoot rimfire (.22 LR only) pistol and rifle, iron sights and open (optics)


*There are several centerfire pistol catagories, minimum caliber is 9mm/38SPL (No magnum rounds)


*There are five stages with five strings and five targets per stage = 125 rounds MINIMUM (Bring more!)


*The object is speed and accuracy - shoot the steel as safely and quickly as possible


*On each stage, the worst string will be dropped so the total time of the other four will be your score for that stage


*Rimfire categories do not require a holster, you start from a low ready position


*All centerfire categories start from the surrender position


*No power factor involved but bullets have to be traveling at least 750 fps


*We are an official Steel Challenge club and post match results on the SCSA website


*You do NOT have to be a member of SCSA or PGC to shoot, although we encourage it


*Any questions?  Please write or call the match director for further, Thanks!