Palmetto Gun Club
Instructor Lead Classes In 2019
The instructor lead classes offered at PGC are available to all PGC Members and their direct family members - and invited guests. These provide opportunities to learn, brush up, or review skills, and are also an excellent way to introduce family members and provide a solid foundation in a variety of shooting disciplines.

Direct Family Members include: Spouse, grandparents, parents, children, children's spouses, brothers, sisters, and grandchildren.

Invited Guests are those whom a member has recommended. These could be a friend, relative who is not a direct member, neighbor, workmate, or other acquaintance.

Note: Individuals on the membership wait list may attend classes allowing non-members at the member rate.

In the basic shooting classes (NRA Basic Pistol & NRA Basic Rifle) the club provides guns, ammunition, and written training materials. The students provide a good attitude, hearing and eye protection. In the NRA reloading class the club provides all the materials too.


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   NRA Basic Rifle Class   
   ALL PGC Pistol Classes   
   Advanced Marksmanship Clinic   
   PGC Precision Rifle Course   
   NRA Basic Reloading Course   
   Women On Target   



     NRA Basic Rifle Shooting: 03/03,  06/02 , 09/01, 12/01

     Advanced Marksmanship Clinic: Not Currently Scheduled

     Precision Rifle Class (Members Only): Not currently scheduled


     NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading (Members Only) - 03/09 & 09/14


     NRA Basic Pistol Shooting 02/03,  06/02 , 08/03, 10/06

     SC CWP Day 1 - 02/10,  06/09 , 08/10, 10/20

     SC CCP Day 2 (optional) - 02/17,  06/23 , 08/17, 10/27

     NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home:  04/07 , 09/01

     NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home:  04/04 ,  04/28 , 09/07 & 0915

Contact The Following Instructors Directly
To sign up or for additional information

NRA Basic Rifle Course - Chris Mantooth - 843-813-2409 - Click Here To Send Chris Email

Advanced Marksmanship - Harry Nettles III - 843-514-1448 - Click Here To Send Steve Email

PGC Precision Rifle Course - Chip Stehmeyer - 843-860-1406 - Click Here To Send Chip Email

NRA Basic Reloading Course - Rene Bollengier - 843-814-8133 - Click Here To Send Rene Email

All Pistol Classes - Mike Quigley - 843-847-1268 - Click Here To Send Mike Email