Welcome To The
Palmetto Gun Club
Junior Rifle Shooting Program

(Rev 4/23/2019)

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2019 Regular Practice Dates:
(Note: Club will be shutting down early 2019 for range improvements. As such some practices may not occur. Few days before the practice date an email will be sent to notify).
    •  8/17 - Junior Rifle Shooting Practice
    •  9/8 and 9/21 - Junior Rifle Shooting Practice
    •  10/6 and 10/19 - Junior Rifle Shooting Practice
    •  11/10 Junior Rifle Practice

Program Goal:
    •  Introduce youth to three position smallbore rifle shooting and provide opportunities to compete in both local and away matches.

Numbers of Students:
    • To ensure effective and safe training, classes are limited to a max of 15 students. There may be times when it will be less due to staff availability. All efforts will be made to ensure this is communicated well in advance.

Practice Time:
    •  9:30AM-12:30PM (Safety briefing for new participants is at 9:00)
    •  Advance sign up for each practice is required to make sure we have enough coaches to accommodate the group size.

    •  Every second monthly date is also an opportunity for Juniors to compete in a local prone match. There is no cost to the Juniors to compete.
        •  Matches start at 9:00 so Juniors should be an hour early to get set up.
    •  11/17 - Regional Match. Juniors are encouraged to participate

    •  PGC Club Members may participate at no cost.
    •  Non-members, the first and second sessions are complimentary.
        •  On the 3rd session, the cost is $75 for the year.
           •  Additional Juniors from the same family pay $50 per year.

    •  Open to ages 10 to 20
        •  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a guardian present at all times. This is a club rule and will be enforced.

Evaluation: Maturity and ability are both important. Rifles vary in weight and shooting position can be uncomfortable. All new students will be evaluated by staff over the first two practices. Evaluation will be used to determine if the new student has the aptitude to continue on. If not the staff will encourage the student to attend next year’s season. This evaluation is for both safety and ensuring training is effective..

    •  Juniors and parents are important parts to this program and as such participation is critical. When sighing up, it is expected that Juniors and parents attend on a regular basis. Attending 10 out of the 16 practices, or 60% is the baseline. Consistent practice leads to better shooting.
    •  Juniors and parents are requested to help with Palmetto Gun Clubs events (picnic or help with a match). This is a way of giving back to the club.
    •  Juniors and parents are requested to help with Palmetto Gun Club work days. 5th Saturday of the Month where applicable.

    •  Palmetto Gun Club is located approximately 2 miles from Highway 61 on Summers Drive.
    •  The range is on the left side coming from Highway 61 and is well marked with a large yellow sign for Palmetto Gun Club.
    •  PS Coordinates: N32°55'43" W080°17'03"
    •  Google Maps Address: 761 Summers Drive, Ridgeville, SC
    •   Click Here  for a Google Map & information for Bessinger's BBQ ... https://www.google.com/maps/place/Palmetto+Gun+Club/@32.9399602,-80.2727514,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88fe9032d818a5c3:0xa50e33defda70372!8m2!3d32.9286458!4d-80.2825307

No experience is necessary for the parent/guardian or the Junior. We start each session by laying out the plan for the day and explaining what everyone will be doing, and then transitioning into actual shooting. Additional roles handled by the adults are:

    •  Ammo King: Keeps ammunition loaded into the ammunition blocks and distributed to the Juniors during practice.
    •  Scorer and Target Hanger: helps Juniors score their targets and hang targets on the frames.
    •  Scorekeeper: Documents scores as the Juniors work their way towards benchmarks that earn them certificates.
    •  Scopemaster: Puts scopes, stands and poles together for use during the practice.

What does the club provide?
    •  Shooting instruction (position, sight picture, natural point of aim, trigger squeeze)
    •  Rifle
    •  Sling, Glove, Jacket and Mat
    •  Ammunition and Targets
    •  Hearing protection (foam earplugs) & Eye protection

Questions - Please Call Robert Dudley at 843-276-9862 or Click Here   to send Him an Email.