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Programs are open to youth ages 10 - 18.

Note: Coaches may remove anyone (youth or adult) from the program who becomes unsafe, is a disciplinary issue, or fails to meet the spirit of the sport and good sportsmanship.

Junior Rifle Program

    •  Precision 3 Position Smallbore: This can be referred to as "Olympic Shooting." Youth learn how to shoot from the prone, kneeling and standing positions. Youth use jackets and slings, gloves and other equipment needed to build a stable shooting platform. Rifles can be heavy so this is not for everyone.

    •  Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Rimfire Sporter: This sport uses basic 22 long rifles and everyday street clothes. Targets are typical paper bullseye targets shot at both 25 and 50 yards. You can use iron sights, scopes, and peep sights. This is a three-position event consisting of prone, kneeling/sitting and standing. This is a very popular sport with matches held at the state, regional and national levels.

Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP)

    •  SASP is a fast-growing youth-only shooting program where youth shoot at steel targets in a timed event. Similar to Steel Challenge the goal is to be safe, accurate, and fast. This is a new program for Palmetto Gun Club and one that is growing in popularity across the nation. The sport utilizes both rifles and pistols of various calibers. Palmetto will utilize 22 caliber rifles and pistols. All participants will start with rifles.

Program Schedule

    •  Practices are on the 1st and 3rd Sunday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm of every month starting in March and ending in November. This is subject to change based on match schedules and the ability to have enough coaches to support the program. Use the club calendar for reference. Find it here: http://www.palmettogunclub.org/calendar/index.html

    •  There is a non-refundable base cost of $75 per youth for those that are not a youth of club members. This cost is paid after the second visit to ensure the youth are capable and want to participate.
    •  4-H the Junior Rifle Program is associated with 4-H. There is a fee for joining 4-H which is a requirement of the rifle programs. 2019 fees were $15 for the year and should be about the same in 2020.
    •  SASP has a fee of $25 (2019) for each participant. This cost covers insurance. Typically matches also have fees to pay for trophies, awards, and logistics.

What does the club provide?
    •  Shooting instruction (position, sight picture, natural point of aim, trigger squeeze)
    •  Rifle
    •  Sling, Glove, Jacket, and Mat
    •  Ammunition and Targets
    •  Hearing protection (foam earplugs) & Eye protection

    •  Non-members adults will be required to fill out a limited liability waiver range rule agreement prior to participating.
    •  All youth will be required to sign (acknowledge) a range rules agreement prior to participating.
    •  All youth must have a parent or guardian present.
    •  All adults are expected to support the coaching staff where needed.
    •  Youth must participate in at least one club workday/event in support of the club.
    •  Participation is the only way to get better. If you sign up you are expected to show up.
    •  Coaches may remove anyone (youth or adult) from the program who becomes unsafe, is a disciplinary issue, or fails to meet the spirit of the sport and good sportsmanship.

Contact info:
    •  Michael Eason
    •  Interim Junior Program Coordinator
    •  843-708-5724
    •  Click Here  to send Michael an Email.

The Palmetto Gun Club hosted an event in 2019 to teach young people proper firearm safety and shooting techniques.

The event was very successful, hosting 43 kids. The goal was first to teach safety and familiarity with different types of firearms.

Here Is A Short Video From The Event