Palmetto Gun Club
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We are a 100% NRA membership Club
Support the National Rifle Association. The Palmetto Gun Club does.

Palmetto Gun Club Meetings
Announced on the Home Page
And by Email to the Membership

    The Palmetto Gun Club By-Laws    
 ★ 8/10/2023 Revision ★ 

      PGC Membership Requirements       
 ★ 08/12/2023 Update ★ 

  PGC Orientation W/EC Comments (PDF)  
   (August 2023 Revision)   

   ( Updated 5/20/2021 )   

      The Palmetto Gun Club RANGE RULES      
 ★ 10/17/2022 Revision ★ 

      Maps & Directions to the PGC Range      

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